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Konan sem kyndir ofninn sinn

Eldhúsreyfarar miðaldra matargúrús á Skólavörðuholtinu


Heimskir túristar ...

Af FAQ-lista hótelsins sem ég ætla að gista á í Róm í næsta mánuði - allt spurningar sem þau hafa í alvöru fengið:

Why did they build the Colosseum so close to the Metro Stop
We don’t know, its’ a bit silly but who cares as it’s really handy

How far are you from the Sixteen Chapel and where are the other 15
There is no such thing as the Sixteen Chapel in Rome instead it is called the Sistine Chapel and there is only 1. it is located inside the Vatican City which can be reached in about 30 minutes walk from Teatro Pace.

Where can i see that “ET” thing with the two fingers almost touching each other?
Oh, you must mean Michelangelo’s Ceiling which is found in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo took 7 years to create the creation of man so please go and see it...

I’m lost, why doesn’t Rome have the grid system like modern cities in the US?
2 and a half thousand years of history have left Rome with a myriad of different street types, expect to get lost and enjoy it!